About Us

Global Rhinology Network is a registered academic non-profit organisation with a mission to foster surgical training in the field of Rhinology and Skull Base surgery. The concept of the organisation has evolved through an annual international live surgical webcast. The LIONESS established by Mr. Ashok Rokade with the strong support of participating surgeons in association with the lauded LION foundation. Prof. Christos Georgalas, Prof. Wilko Grolman, Dr. Robert Vincent, and Mr. John Oates were instrumental to see the LIONESS takeoff in 2014 and to reach surgeons from more than 40 countries.

GR-ESS 2020 is a new GRN endeavor established with strong support of our scientific organising committee and by leading surgical trainers coming together to benefit surgeons from around the world with their expertise and in turn to benefit our patients. We hope GR-ESS would provide a valuable education in current COVID pandemic and even after.

GR-ESS 2020 will be webcast under the guidance of Prof. Wilko Grolman of Global Telemedicine Studio, the Netherlands.

Team GRN

Founder and Principal Host

Mr. Ashok Rokade

Mr. Ashok Rokade

Winchester, UK 

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